Bérénice Batut


I’m a bioinformatician and computational biologist.

I am currently a post-doc in the Freiburg Galaxy Team (Backofen lab, Bioinformatics group), working on several topics (metagenomics, NGS data analyses, evolution) and giving training, mainly on Galaxy use and development of tools. I am highly involved in the development of the Training Material repository of the Galaxy Training Network. I am developing numerous tools for Galaxy and packages for BioConda to help tool deployment and use. Since February 2017, I am IUC member.

During my first post-doc, I worked on the study of gut microbiota using metagenomic and metatranscriptomic approaches. I developped ASaiM, a bioinformatic environment to study gut microbiota samples with an analysis framework using Galaxy.

During my PhD, I worked on reductive genome evolution of the cyanobacteria Prochlorococcus. To study this particular phenomenon, I used two approaches:

With the combination of these two approaches, I proposed an hypothetic history for the reductive genome evolution of Prochlorococcus.